This week we got the opportunity to sit down and talk with Maegan Passafume, Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre’s Production Manager. Check out what she had to say! Next week’s blog post? The never before heard HISTORY OF PDST!

Q: Tell us about your history with PDST.
My history of working with PDST is actually somewhat limited. I always came to see shows, and I did some last-minute work on Matt Miller’s “Titus Andronicus” JMS Project, but since I had a pretty light senior year I decided that I finally had the time to explore something outside of stage management, and applied for PDST’s Production Manager position.

Q: What made you want to become Production Manager?
It was something new! I had a pretty good handle on what stage management was, and I wanted to explore other sides of the management field.

Q: What excites you about a student-run company?
Being able to actually take a crack at running your own company; so many people don’t get to do that before going out into the real world. Also being able to claim a production as totally yours, and not something you did as part of the theatre department.

Q:  What do your duties include? What are the challenges? What are the rewards?
I manage a team of 5, including a technical director and a master electrician. Most of my job is delegation to this team, but I’m also in charge of putting together the season calendar, scheduling rentals and workshops, and making sure PDST productions are using their budgets wisely. Watching budgets is the biggest challenge for me–I’ve never had a head for numbers. The biggest reward is seeing the production team work like a well-oiled machine; everyone in sync, on the same artistic page, and getting along.

Q: What did you learn from being production manager?
…That I don’t want a career as a production manager. It’s been a really great learning experience, the people are amazing, but it’s just not where my strengths lie. But I gave it a shot, even though I didn’t totally know what it was about, and I’m proud of myself for that.

Q: What do you want to do after Millikin that PDST is helping you with?
PDST has really helped me develop my leadership skills. It’s a skill that every successful stage manager needs, and this gave me a chance to really hone that ability.

Q: What’s your favorite show at PDST you’ve seen?
Either “Titus Andronicus” or “Reefer Madness.” I really can’t pick between the two, but they were both pretty sweet.

Q: What do you want to see PDST become?
Totally self-reliant. We still depend on the department for things, and I would love to see it come into its own as a company.