This past weekend Reefer Madness opened to the Decatur community and people LOVED IT! Did you get the chance to see it? Here’s all the tweets we got about how awesome we’re doing. Then some production photos to prove how good the show looked. It’s just like you were there if you missed it!

-OH SO MAD!!! #ReeferMadness #midnight #soldout #peeingmyself@PDTheatre

 -Loving the sounds that I am hearing coming @PDTheatre#ReeferMadness
-That was the best show I’ve ever SEEN. #ReeferMadness@PDTheatre
-What an awesome show. The MADNESS has begun to spread. Get your ticket NOW before they all disappear? @PDTheatre
-Started today with a wonderful performance of #reefermadness by@PDTheatre! Congrats to all involved! Now can I go back to sleep?
@PDTheatre REEFER MADNESS today at 2pm and 8pm! Get. Your. Tickets. NOW! #reefermadness
-Word on the street #ReeferMadness is the best show most people have seen at Millikin. And only $5 for students?You’re welcome.
-Clogging your twitter feed with #ReeferMadness. You’re welcome.
-Let the REEFER MADNESS begin at @PDTheatre tonight!!!#soexcited
-Um. @PDTheatre ‘s Reefer Madness is a hit, ya’ll #soldout #round2
-That awkward moment when you sell out three nights in a row@PDTheatre
-Congrats to the cast of #ReeferMadness The best show I have ever seen in @PDTheatre #somuchtalent
-4/5 performance of #ReeferMadness were SOLD OUT. Thanks to all who came!