One of Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre’s programs here at Millikin is called Ink Support. Every Wednesday at 3pm for the past two years, new playwrights at Millikin have been able to come and present their new work or old work to actors who bring it to life for the playwrights. It provides the writers of the Millikin campus a place to try out their work and get constructive feedback. As well, it gives the actors of the Millikin campus a place where they can work with new works, new playwrights and practice cold readings. It’s a program that PDST provides that allows for another safe place for our patrons to experiment, play, and explore. Kyle Simonz, a sophomore theatre major, has been going to Ink Support for the last year and a half. Kyle goes to Ink Support because he likes the opportunities that it presents and the people who go to it. “It’s definitely a great opportunity for cold readings. You’re given the scripts right there and you have to make it work on the spot,” Kyle says about Ink. Grace Barnett, another sophomore theatre major, has been going to ink support as an actor for quite a number of months as well. Grace is also PDST’s Artistic Associate and knows quite a bit about Ink Support as a program of PDST. “Ink support is a collaboration of writers and actors who get together and read pieces that new writers have written. This allows the writers to get a feel for what their work sounds like rather than simply how it reads. Its one thing just to write things but it’s another thing to actually hear it read out loud. To then get critiques and feedback that helps their work grow is a great opportunity,” Grace says. Ink Support gives those people who want to write and those people who want to perform another opportunity on campus to do so. Bryson David Hoff is a writer who goes to Ink Support. He has been attending since his freshman year. When asked why Bryson started coming he replied, “I started coming because I was working on a script and I wanted to get some feedback on it. I keep coming because I keep writing and I keep needing feedback on them.” As a writer it’s provided Bryson the ability to work on his scripts in a more effective manner. It’s also given Bryson the opportunity to showcase the work he’s written. Every semester, there is an “Ink Support Night” where the writers and actors who have been coming get the chance to show their work to the community. It’s a free night to see what these students have been working hard on for all semester, sometimes longer. Chloe Day, a senior theatre major at Millikin, started Ink Support in the fall of 2010. Millikin had opportunities for everyone on campus except those interested in playwriting. Chloe saw this gap and filled it with Ink Support. Kaylie Honkala is the current coordinator of Ink Support but has been with the program since its beginning with Chloe Day. “I really think it’s a really awesome program we do here at Millikin. We all come here voluntarily. We care about creating new works. I think one of the best things about it is the fact that since it’s begun we’ve had such an increase in people, “ Kaylie Honkala says. Brittany Brown has been a long standing member of ink support as well. She came in as an actor but recently has developed an interest in writing. “It’s been really cool to see other writers bring things in and see all the ideas that come in.” Ink Support has been one of the most successful and well attended programs at Millikin. Whether you’re a student at Millikin or a community member, stop by Ink Support at 3pm every Wednesday in the basement of Old Gym and sit in on the conversation. Either bring something you’ve written, prepare to do some cold readings, or just sit and observe. The people of Ink Support would be more than happy to have you join!

If you have any questions about Ink Support contact Kaylie Honkala at

-Jane Davis