If you follow Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre on Facebook or Twitter it’s no doubt in this past week that you’ve seen our newest fundraiser with IndieGoGo called, Keep The Lights On. Through IndieGoGo, Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre is trying to raise 7,000 dollars so that we can purchase ourselves new dimmers. The dimmers in a theatre are what control the brightness of a theatrical lighting unit. It does so by increasing or decreasing the RMS voltage and, hence, the mean power to the lamp (Thanks Wikipedia). At a theatre, you’ll find multiple dimmers creating a dimmer rack. Cables run from the various lighting instruments back to the dimmer rack, each plugged into their own dimmer that controls that light’s intensity and gives it power to turn on. Without dimmers that create a dimmer rack, a theatre and its lighting instruments are reduced to simply lights on, lights off. In my opinion, that creates really boring theatre. Currently at Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre our dimmers are going caput. No longer are they safe for us to use and on top of that, six of the dimmers we have don’t even work anymore, limiting the amount of lighting instruments we can use. That’s simply no good.

So why am I writing an entire blog post about dimer racks? Last year, our patrons helped us to raise money so we could put on our first fully produced season. In three days, our awesome patrons raised us $800 dollars. Woah. Right? So this past semester when it was pointed out to us that we need new dimmers we thought, “Who better to help us out in our time of need than our patrons?” Lighting is important; it’s the most obvious design element. Imagine seeing a show with a set, costumes, and sound but no lights. You can’t imagine seeing it because you simply wouldn’t; there is no light on stage.

So here we are, asking for your help because theatre is no fun in the dark. By donating to our IndieGoGo campaign, you’ll be supporting emerging artists as they create work they want to create. There’s also a bunch of gifts and rewards for donating to our campaign with everything from complimentary tickets to having our light booth named after you! Imagine that.

Below you’ll find a link to our IndieGoGo where a really cool video is too. Don’t be afraid to donate or, if you’re not feeling like donating money, pass the IndieGoGo link around to some of your friends, maybe they’ll be willing to donate.


Oh. And it’s a tax deductible donation. That’s cool.

-Jane Davis