¡Hola niños!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been quite a long time since we’ve last blogged about anything. Not to say nothing exciting has been going on, just that we didn’t know how to blog. So here we go again, trying out this blog thing again. We have an exciting season coming up including Rabbit Hole and Reefer Madness this semester. We at PSDT want to keep you in the know about all of this excitement! So, for the next sixteen weeks there will be sixteen blog posts. Some will be interviews with the artistic team of Pipe Dreams, others will be about the current show, and one will even deal with Ryan Gosling. So stay tuned, get excited, and be prepared to find one or two spelling errors. My name is Jane Davis and I’ll be the one taking you on all these blog adventures.

Next blog post: Interview with Mikey Mulhearn, Pipe Dreams’ new artistic director!

Jane Davis