A snapshot from Light Focus for I Love You, Let's Light Ourselves On Fire--Photo by Jane Davis

Yesterday we initiated the first step into our season with the load-in of I Love You, Let’s Light Ourselves on Fire. It’s exciting to see the first production begin to be realized in the space. They have been rehearsing all last month, and being new to the production (it’s an original work by a fellow student) I’m anticipating a fresh and intriguing experience. From what I saw yesterday afternoon, I think it will be a great kick-off to the many new works we’re producing this semester. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to see in-progress work being done in the space and I expect that throughout the next month and half I will be treated to the fruition of many ideas, designs and experiments. What I saw yesterday was definitely fresh ideas being realized in our space, and I can’t wait to see more of both this production and what our future productions will bring. There is building excitement as we get closer to the start of our season, and I can’t wait to experience what the season will have to offer.

Bekki Lambrecht

Technical Director

Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre