As the beginning of what I hope to be a continuing dialogue, I felt it only appropriate to start with a greeting. Hello, we are a theatre company. Yes, that is theatre <— With an ‘RE’. We hope you won’t hold it against us. This blog will be a documentation of a journey. And though it’s often exciting to join a journey at the beginning, I hope you will accept coming into this part of the way through, and that’s probably for the best. Our theatre is in many ways unique, though most people won’t find that at first. In short, we are a student managed theatre company. I emphasize the word managed because that is the role the students hold. We don’t just run a theatre, we are the management team. An infrastructure of executive teams, management teams and staff that is completely filled by students. Our faculty act as advisers only, helping to simply guide us to build a better company. Everything we do, from the productions we put on to the way we market those shows is facilitated by undergraduate students. We are students building a business to better serve our fellow students. Yes, we bring in a revenue. Yes, we produce a fully functioning season. Yes, we produce not only original student works but theatre classics as well (rights paid for and everything). We are even open to exploratory performances, music performances, and art installations. But the ultimate point is that this is an opportunity for us to be responsible for the management of a company. To make decisions for the future of the business and to take responsibility for those choices. In the larger picture, we are only in the first few steps of the life this theatre will hold. Dreaming big is our mission, achieving it will be our accomplishment. This blog will recreate and detail for you, the audience, the dreamer, the writers, our fellow theatre practitioners, just how we will get there. Intrigued? Skeptical? So are we. But that is our obstacle, and by overcoming it we will create the foundations of a successful business.